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    J.S. A

    I am researching into the base and composition of the Royal Naval force defending convoys to and from the ports in the Persian Gulf during World War II and its activities, which seem to have been confined to escort duties, minesweeping and anti-submarine patrols.
    Guidance as to relevant histories, archives or recollections would be appreciated. The standard works seem to be barren on this topic.
    J S Allen

    J.S. A

    A deafening silence! Is there no-one out there whose parent or acquaintance served in the Persian Gulf or Indian Ocean?
    J S Allen

    R .H. O

    There is quite a lot of information in the National Archives at Kew to be found under the heading ADM 199:
    ADM 199/398: Royal Indian Navy War Diaries 1941;
    ADM 199/410: Persian Gulf and Aden War Diaries for 1941;
    ADM 199/425: RIN War Diaries 1942;
    ADM 199/428: S.N.O. Persian Gulf War Diaries 1942;
    ADM 199/636: Persian Gulf Command War Diaries 1943 (if I remember correctly this file also contains a great deal of info about shipping tonnage days lost because of poor turn-round of merchant ships);
    ADM 199/769: RIN War Diaries 1943;
    ADM 199/772: East Africa, Aden, Bombay and Persian Gulf Commands 1943-1945.

    I hope that the above helps.
    Richard Osborne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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