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      Dear Forum!

      In may 1698, Peter the Great left England with the yacht the Royal Transport.

      I have for over 20 years been searching for the wreck of the Royal Transport. It might be that we have found the wreck site outside Gothenburg, Sweden (2015), 300 years after the accident. There are a lot of old documents scattered in our different archives in Sweden. To get the complete picture of the story, I am missing a few pieces.

      The Royal Transport was accompanied by the sixth-rate Flamborough according to the MM 1983:69. The trip from England to Archangel should be documented in the Captain´s log of the Flamborough.

      Does anyone have knowledge or copies of this logbook?

      When the Royal Transport in september 1715 left Archangel for the Baltic, her Captain was an Englishman by the name of Thomas Hutchinson. I have tried to find out his whereabouts before he joined the Russian navy, probably in 1713/1714, without success.

      Does anyone have knowledge of his navy records?

      A short summery is available at:

      Jan Fredriksson

      David Hepper

        The Captain’s Journal for the Flamborough is in The National Archives at Kew –

        Also the log kept by the Master of the Flamborough:

        The journal kept by Captain William Ripley on board the Royal Transport between June and November 1698, during the voyage to Russia is also in the National Archives:

        Unfortunately none of these have been digitised, so it would mean a visit to the National Archives to see them

        David Hepper

          A slight correction to the last – you do not have to visit : You may request a copy to be digitised or printed and sent to you


            I have been in contact with the National Archives in KEW, but the answer that I got was:

            Thank you for contacting The National Archives with your request for a page check. Your order number is RC1077623
            Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have been unable to locate the requested material within the specified document.

            I guess that I have to call them again.


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