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    Adrian J

    I would be grateful for any information about extant examples of Timber Ponds etc. that there may be in the United Kingdom. This query is to provide information for an objection to the burying of the Timber Pond (Listed Grade II) in Pembroke Dockyard. This covering over, to facilitate the construction of infrastructure to support marine energy projects, is being described in the application as being reversible. I am aware of a Timber Pond that still exists at Chatham Historical Dockyard. Many thanks in anticipation.

    Malcolm Lewis

    There is a discussion on the Forum in 2015 regarding the restoration of the Chatham masting/pickling pond (see pickling Pond at Chatham Dockyard).
    The masting pond at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is Grade 1 listed. It was constructed by Dutch POWs in 1665. It is just on the right as you enter the dockyard and now used for small boat storage.
    I recall a pickling pond at Deptford but no longer there.

    Graham Mackenzie

    The mast, or timber pods that I recall were at different ends of the country. First, on the River Itchen, just above Northam Bridge on the north bank, there was a fairly large timber pond used to weather the wood and it was probably part of the timber merchant adjacent, Gabriel Wade.
    The other ones I recall were just up river from Port Glasgow on the Clyde and these were extensive and probably used for storing various timbers before being cut and sawn in the shipbuilding industry. Walking in the riverside park a couple of years ago, some of the upright timbers were still there as a reminder of times past, but probably not used for 50+ years.
    I don’t know of any that are in a good state of repair.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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