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    Sam Willis

    This anchor was recently dredged up from Trout’s Boatyard in Topsham, in the Exe estuary. Can anyone help identify the type of anchor or surgest a date? There is some suggestion that it may be part of a ‘killick’, a small anchor often with a stone set between the timbers, the term can be traced back to old Cornish and I understand that there may be three examples, two Cornish and one Irish in the HH Brindley collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

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    Grahame A

    There are photographs of killick anchors in use in Brittany in the summers of 1930-33 in an article in Mariners Mirror in 1934 by G.P.B. Naish, vol.20 Issue 4 pages 438-447. They have stones between the timbers making up the shank of the anchor.

    Grahame Aldous

    S. W

    Mark Beattie Edwards is in charge of the Big Anchor Project and would be interested in your anchor and be able to identify/shed more light on it. Contact via this link:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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