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    Geoffrey C

    Good afternoon

    I have just signed up.

    I am trying to find a reference to an article in The Mariner’s Mirror which is cited with the barest of descriptions as follows:

    M.M. 17., 256.

    The article is cited in J.R. Powell, Robert Blake, General-at-Sea (London: Collins 1972). The article is written by Sir Charles Firth about Blake’s early life and identifies another Robert Blake who had been a member of the King’s bedchamber and who was hanged in 1643.

    I cannot locate this article either in what I assume is MM Volume 17 (1931) or by a general search. There is an article by Firth in MM Volume 12:3 (1926) which covers Blake as part of a review of the lives of sailors of the period. It makes reference to the point but does not appear to be the actual article in question.

    Did the referencing of the MM change at any time? If so, where would I now locate M.M. 17., 256? Or am I not looking in the right place?

    Thank you for suggestions.


    Frank Scott

    MM 17, 256 is in the middle of an article by Admiral Ballard about British battleships of 1870, so definitely wrong.
    MM 12, 256, certainly lands in the middle of an article by Firth, but that particular page does not seem to be about Blake.
    MM 12, 356 has a follow-up editorial note which confirms that the Robert Blake of Morocco was not the same man as the admiral.

    Typos must be involved in the original reference.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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