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    Malcolm Lewis

      It is reported in the national press today that Victory’s admiral’s and captain’s cabins have been restored to how Nelson saw them. Gone is the Victorian highly varnished woodwork replaced by white or light blue paint. A bold move on the part of the curator.
      The visitor route has also been increased by “80 per cent” and now includes Hardy’s cabin and the poop deck. I hope the wardroom and the tiller flat are also now open to visitors.
      Victory’s name across the stern has been greatly increased in size. SNR members must look forward the annual report from Andrew Baines, Head of Historic Ships for more details about these significant alterations to this historic ship.

      Frank Scott

        Those wishing to know more about this subject should read the Mariner’s Mirror article that really kicked this all off. Peter Goodwin, ‘Application & scheme of paintworks in British men-of-war in the late eighteenth & early nineteenth Centuries’, Mariner’s Mirror Vol 99:3 (2013), 287-300.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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