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    Judy S. P

    On page 125 of Sir Arthur Bryant’s book, Samuel Pepys: Years of Peril, he describes the “universal” practice of naval captains carrying freight for a fee to and from foreign ports. To which Capt. Haddock was he referring in the text below? Was the sentence actually served and the money paid?

    “The autumn of 1674 saw the culmination of Pepys’ first attempt to attack the abuse, in the court martial of Captain Haddock for conveying merchants’ goods ‘on terms of freight for his own benefit’. Haddock was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and ordered to pay all his profits to the King, who at Pepys’ request allotted them to the Chatham chest.”

    The Haddocks in that time period were:
    1) Capt. (later Admiral Sir) Richard Haddock (1629-1714/15) was on the Royal James at the Battle of Solebay in 1672. In 1673 he was named an Extra Commissioner of the Navy.
    2) His brother, Joseph Haddock (abt 1631-1695-97) was not named a captain (of the Swallow) until 1678.
    3) Richard Haddock (1614-1678), uncle of Sir Richard, was captain of the Ann & Christopher in 1673 and captain of the Quaker ketch in 1677; he died in the West Indies.

    David Hepper

    It was the third of your Haddocks – Richard, captain of the Ann & Christopher
    References to this incident may be found in Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge (NRS in 4 vols ed: J R Tanner)

    From Meetings of the Admiralty Commission:
    September 12 1674 – ….the case of Captain Haddock being also opened, touching his fault in going without order back to Malaga and coming thence, loaden home with merchants goods: Resolved – that he be taken into custody and tried by court martial
    [NRS Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge Vol. IV p…65]

    October 24 1674 – …upon large debate touching the liberty taken and now lately charged by particulars upon the several commanders of breaking the Lord Admiral’s Instructions in taking in of merchant’s good and the evils attending the same particularly enumerated and opened by Mr Pepys; It was resolved on by His Majesty and their Lordships that every one of the said captains should be called to an account for by the same by a court martial as Captain Haddock, commander of the Ann and Christopher fireship, lately was for the same crime
    [NRS Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge Vol. IV p.70-71]

    November 14 1674- … the debate touching the business of several commanders following, viz: Captain Russell of the Swallow; Captain Wylde of the Centurion; Captain Dawson of the Advice; Captain Wright of the Norwich; Captain Wyborne of the Guarland; Captain Gallop of the Thomas and Francis; Captain Fox of the Deal dogger; Captain Priestman of the Richmond; Captain Carter of the Crown, who being lately come home from foreign voyages are found transgressors of the 40th Article of Lord Admiral’s Instructions, by bringing home of merchant’s goods, and have put a stop to their wages and become exposed to court-martial as Captain Haddock of the Ann and Christopher was…

    [His Majesty resolved and declared that all the above shall pay into the Chatham Chest money ‘to the full value of whatever freight or other considerations they have received…’ and likewise shall enter into a bond to the use of the Chest in penalty of £200 each to make good in like manner to the Chest the value of what shall at any time hereafter be received in the like account…”]

    ….in consideration of his Majesty’s remitting to the commanders above named all other punishments than that of the refunding to the Chest and entering into bond as aforesaid, his Majesty was graciously pleased to resolve that the said Captain Haddock upon the like refunding and entering into bond, be forthwith discharged from the remainder of that imprisonment…. he was lately adjudged by sentence of a court martial…..
    [NRS Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge Vol. IV p.85]

    The Admiralty Journal entries are backed by letters from Pepys:
    16 Sept 1674 – SP to Sir Robert Robinson. Encloses a warrant from the Lords for holding a court-martial upon Captain Haddock, late commander of the Ann and Christopher fireship, upon occasion of some misdemeanours wherewith he stands charged

    18 Sept 1674 – SP to Mr Brisbane. Adds to the papers he has had from him, the enclosed petition of Captain Haddock, wherein he owns the fault, and submits himself to the king for punishment.
    [NRS vol.27 Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge p.355]

    21 Oct 1674 = SP to Sir Nathaniel Herne. (extract) … I had on his Majesty’s behalf wrote to him with no little earnestness on a subject that administers so much matter of complaint against the king’s commanders, and justly too, as that of taking merchant’s goods – an evil never likely to be thoroughly rectified while those who concern themselves most in complaining shall decline the giving his Majesty their necessary assistance in convicting, but to make it their endeavours to tempt the king’s commanders with pretence of want of shipping and perishableness of their commodities to take in their goods at under freights, and then complain of them for it. Witness … Haddock’s case at Malaga, who could produce the consul’s letter there pressing him to what he did……
    [NRS vol.27 Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library

    David Hepper

    See also letter in the National Archives:


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