Some Unpublished Accounts of Cook’s Death

By Rupert T. Gould, published November 1928


The principal facts of Cook’s death are well known and several accounts have been published. However considerable unpublished material exists in logs and journals of other members of the expedition. Extended extracts from several of these are quoted: eye witness accounts from the journals of Charles Clerke commander of the Discovery, who took command of the expedition after Cook’s death; William Lanyon midshipman of the Resolution; Thomas Edgar, Master of the Discovery; William Bayly, the astronomer appointed to the Discovery, who wrote a full account covering events over the following days including the recovery of Cook’s dismembered remains. Also included are accounts from Cook’s and Lieutenant Williamson’s journals of a previous incident highlighting their differing attitudes to the use of force.

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Filed under: James Cook | Other (Eighteenth C) | Pacific
Subjects include: Biography | Science & Exploration

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