The Action Between Pater and Oquendo, 12 September 1631

By C.R. Boxer, published August 1959


This article makes use of sources not usually available to researchers in England, and describes the naval action between Pater and Oquendo of the coast of Brazil in which the Dutch West India Company attempted to conquer an empire in the South Atlantic. The combined forces of Spain and Portugal sailed under the experienced Don Antonio de Oquendo, with directions to defend the sugar fleet from the Dutch invaders at Recife. The Dutch activities in the West Indies were under the command of Adriaan Pater, who was directed to find Oquendo’s fleet and destroy it. The battle resolved inself into a six hour long ‘board on board’ battle between the two Admirals at the end of which Oquenda was acknowledged the victor, and Pater had disappeared, presumed drowned when his flagship blew up.

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Subjects include: Battles & Tactics

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