The Admiralty Part VI

By Sir Oswyn A.R. Murray G.C.B, published August 1938


War broke out with France in 1793. For the first time in history the fleet was found to be completely equipped and ready for service, it was recognized that this was Middleton’s achievement. In I832 Sir James Graham presented to Parliament a sweeping proposal for the transformation of naval administration, which was passed as the Admiralty Act I832. By it the Board of Admiralty was invested with all the powers and duties of the Navy Board, and also with those of the Commissioners for Victualling, and both these subsidiary Boards were abolished. On an impartial study of all the facts, a competent arbiter might have come to the conclusion that the Navy Board’s contribution to the efficiency of the Royal Navy had not, on the whole, been less than the Board of Admiralty’s.

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