The Agrippina, Tender to the CSS Alabama

By Peter Barton, published November 1999


The barque Agrippina acted as a supply ship to the Confederate cruiser Alabama from July 1862 to September 1863. Launched in 1834 at the J. & R. Tindall yard, Scarborough, she worked in diverse commodity trades around the world before being purchased by Archibald Hamilton, a sympathiser with the Confederate cause.  They needed a ship that was “staunch and in good condition,” yet nondescript to avoid attracting attention.  From then until September 1863 she acted as a supply ship to the CSS Alabama carrying coal from Cardiff, guns and ammunition to points of rendezvous with the Alabama. After a turbulent time in the service of the Confederates, by 1863 she lacked the necessary anonymity and speed and was therefore sold. Agrippina caught fire and was abandoned   aflame off the coast of Florida in 1865.

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Filed under: American Civil War
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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