The Barquentine Raymond and Her Owner-Master

By James Murdoch, published May 1961


Captain James Murdoch’s autobiography describes his life, during the late 1800s – early 1900s, as one of the last of the owner-masters of a square-rigged sailing vessel. He went to sea aboard his father’s brig the Mayfield in 1890, as Boy and subsequently worked his way up to Mate. At the age of 20 he took charge of the schooner Isabella. More particularly he describes his experiences during World War I operating the Raymond, a “coaster”, during German submarine warfare against commercial vessels in the seas off the British Isles and Europe.

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Filed under: WW1 | English Channel | North Sea | Irish Sea | Other (Nineteenth C)
Subjects include: Biography | Merchant Marines | Ship Handling & Seamanship

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