The British Attacks on the Caracas Coast, 1743

By J.C.M. Ogelsby, published February 1972


An account of the 1743 British attack on the Caracas Coast based on English and Spanish sources. This expedition was part of a British campaign to gain control of the Caribbean Sea by capturing several Spanish ports, Cartagena and Guantanamo Bay (1741) and Panama (1742) all of which failed. In a third attempt, Captain Charles Knowles was ordered to take a squadron to America “on a particular service”.  Word of this secret “service” was leaked to the Spanish who were prepared, under Gabriel Jose de la Zuloaga, a seasoned veteran and Governor of Caracas. Attacks on the ports of La Guaira and Puerto Cabello failed after stiff fighting by both sides, proving to be “an irritating gesture and nothing more”.

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Filed under: Spanish Succession | Caribbean
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Biography | Navies | Strategy & Diplomacy

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