The Crimean Gunboats Part I

By G.A. Osbon, published May 1965


The term gunboat appeared in about 1793, but the Victorian gunboat proper originated from those built for the Crimean War, to meet the challenge of the steam engine and explosive shell.  The Gleaner, Dapper, Cheerful and Clown Classes evolved, designed by W.H. Walker. The dimensions, design, construction and fittings of the hulls are described, and three types of engines, built by John Penn and Maudslay, Son and Field.  The surviving data for the rigs are given and illustrated.  General information is provided concerning fitting and arming.  The average cost of building is stated.  Finally the fates of some are given.

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Filed under: Baltic | Crimean War
Subjects include: Navies | Ship Handling & Seamanship | Shipbuilding & Design | Weapons

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