The Encounter between Kempenfelt and De Guichen, December 1781: Some Documents in the Döbeln Collection, Stockholm

By Åke Lindwall, published May 2001


The Swedish general Georg Carl von Döbeln was a witness to the encounter between Kempenfelt and de Guichen in 1781, and his accounts provide the source for this article. Having been a naval cadet, and having frequently provided illustrated accounts of military engagements, he was qualified to provide detailed reports which accurately reflect his understanding of the engagement.   It is obvious that Döbeln made use of more than his own recollections, making use of printed versions of the Admirals’ letters and contacts on at least one other of the French force. The article includes the second version of this encounter, showing the accuracy of this version of the encounter.

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Filed under: Atlantic | American Revolution
Subjects include: Battles & Tactics | Navies

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