The Escape of Midshipman Thomas Blakison, R.N. Part I

By Michael R. Bruce, published May 1973


This article publishes the first part of a manuscript account by Thomas Blakiston, R.N., of his escape from captivity in France in October 1809. While serving on the H.M.S. Revenge, Blakiston was captured in July 1806 near the Garonne by the French and sent to prison. This account begins with a description of his incarceration under eventually fairly benign conditions near Verdun. He then recounts in some detail his tense escape with four other prisoners. Suffering from lack of food and the cold they were recaptured near Bruges and taken again to prison. The first part ends with him being transferred from a tiny dungeon at Charlemont to more commodious barracks nearby. The account is dated 1849, but it may have been set down earlier. It is well-written, quite descriptive and lively.

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Filed under: Napoleonic War | Other (location)
Subjects include: Biography | Navies

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