The First HMS Implacable

By Alan McGowan , published May 2005


This article begins with HMS Implacable’s career as DuguayTruin before she was captured by Sir Richard Strachan after Trafalgar. As part of Sir Samuel Hood’s squadron in the Baltic for four years, Implacable was instrumental in taking the Sewolod in a daring manoevre. The article lists the rest of her career, finally no longer as a training ship but as a holiday centre for children. Despite being named as deserving of preservation as early as 1892, public funds were not forthcoming by 1925, and despite the support of the Society for Nautical Research the ship was barely maintained afloat. After the war, with the estimated cost of repairs to hull and rigging at £200,000, there was no hope for the ship. The article concludes with a description of the scuttling of the Implacable.

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