The Galleon San José, Treasure Ship of the Spanish Indies

By Carla Rahn Phillips, published November 1991


The Spanish treasure galleon, San José, has become noteworthy for the amount of treasure with which she was loaded, and for her demise, a catastrophic explosion, during an attack by a British squadron under Commodore Wager in 1708 off Cartagena in what is now Colombia. Now her remains have become a target for treasure hunters, for whom information on her cargo and dimensions are significant factors.  The author and her husband located in the Spanish archives the rules by which Spanish vessels were built. These are tabulated, together with those for several other vessels,  and various factors about ships and shipbuilding are discussed. They have  determined the exact measurements of San José, where and when the ship was built,  correcting errors in earlier accounts of the San José.

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Filed under: Spanish Succession | Caribbean
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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