The Greek Trireme

By J.S. Morrison, published February 1941


A significant article as the author went on to form (with Willink, Coates and Welsh) the Trireme Trust that led to his theories being tested with a full size reconstruction, commissioned in 1987 as the Olympias. The article discusses the various classical sources for our knowledge of the Trireme and includes photographs of wooden models made with his father based on his theories of how the Trireme would have been built, the arrangement of oars being a particular issue.


Note. The illustration named in the article as the frontispiece appears in the digital article between pages 24 and 25 and is a photograph of part of the Lenormant Relief.

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Filed under: Antiquity | Mediterranean
Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration | Ship Handling & Seamanship | Shipbuilding & Design

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