The Location and Mapping of the Camps and Cairns Associated with Sir John Franklin’s Last Arctic Expedition on the Northern Shores of King William Island

By Stephen J. Trafton, published November 1991


The disappearance in 1845 of the expedition led by Sir John Franklin, to explore part of the Arctic coastline of British North America has ever since been of abiding interest, and repeated expeditions to trace movements and establish causes. After briefly noting earlier efforts, the author concentrates on the 1989 expedition to relocate camp sites and preserve residual evidence including the cairns built to mark them. The five sites on the north western coast of King William Island are separately described and discussed. Each was matched with one of the sites described by earlier explorers, surveyed, and photographed as they merit further detailed study. The text is accompanied by a map and seven photographs of the sites.

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Filed under: Other (Nineteenth C) | Arctic
Subjects include: Archaeology | Science & Exploration

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