The Mariner’s Mirror and the Sailing Ship: a Marriage Made in Heaven?

By Frank Scott, published February 2011


This article considers how much space the Mariner’s Mirror has devoted since its inception a century ago to articles, notes, queries and answers, concerning sailing ships and their history. It shows that in its early days this was unfashionable, particularly the study of mediaeval shipping, and the recording of indigenous craft. By contrast it notes that scrupulous care has been taken over the years to avoid anything that relates to the Titanic disaster. The many authors who first started with articles in the journal are highlighted, such as Sir Alan Moore, Roger Anderson, Basil Greenhill, David MacGregor, and John Harland. It also discusses how the society supported Howard Chapelle during the ‘Constellation question’ controversy, despite strong pressure being brought to bear. The passions aroused in this are contrasted with the courteous debate concerning speed under sail records.

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Filed under: Popular Topics
Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

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