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Cutter And Sloop

By S. Goodwin

An attempt is made to describe in precise terms the differences between the cutter rig and a sloop rig through the historical evolution of the two rigs. By origin and history there is no essential difference in rig between the cutter and the sloop though by 1800 the two rigs were recognised as distinct; the […] Read More

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Round-Sterned Ships Part II The Hooker

By Alan Moore & R. Morton Nance

In a supplement to their previous articles on the Buss and Dogger in the MM the authors consider the obscure origins of the Hooker or Hawker; the Hourque or Houcre of the French and the Hoecker of the Dutch. In the earliest example of the word the form hooker is used, and the craft was […] Read More

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Man-of-War Boats Part I

By Rear Admiral Sir R Massie Blomfield

This article looks at the development of boats used by the Navy from the long boat to the Jolly boat. It describes where such boats were part of the ships configuration or were kept by the harbour for use by visiting ships, as was the case with some jolly boats. There is an extract from […] Read More

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