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Note: The Steamboats of Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

By Colin Jones

The use of little steamboats on Lake Wendouree is recounted, with an account of their numbers. Read More

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The Activities of Chinese Junks on East Asian Seas from the Seventeenth Century to the Nineteenth Centuries: Mainly Based on Sand Junks and Bird Junks

By Matsuura Akira

Chinese sailing vessels flourished from the latter part of the seventeenth century, and continued to enjoy a dominant role in marine transportation until steamships appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. Covering two of the main four types of Junk (sand; bird; Fuzhou; Guangzhau), this article provides trading routes and cargos of the sand and bird junks […] Read More

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Note: Slocum in the Azores – facts and fiction

By Rui Arajo

Many details of Slocum’s visit to the Azores are contested in this account of the circumstances which actually occurred. Read More

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Early Seafaring in Northwest Europe: Plank Boats, Logboats and Hide Boats

By Seán McGrail

This article examines a possible tradition of prehistoric plank boats and early logboats and hide boats.   The evidence from remains of prehistoric log boats is discussed, and early methods of propulsion examined. Read More

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NOTE: Two Days in a Belize Sailing Lighter

By Peter Thomson

A reminder that even in this technological age there is still a need for low technology services at the margin of the economy. Read More

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The Admiral’s Gondola

By Joseph Muscat

From time immemorial and in many countries, ceremonial barges have been called gondolas. Six gondolas plied the waters of the Grand and Marsamxett harbours of Malta from the early 1800s onwards. The Admiral’s gondola was distinguished by its beamier, whaler construction and teak spiral stem and stern posts, unlike the scimitar ones found on the […] Read More

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Note: Inventory of Working Sail in the Windward Islands

By Michael F. Doran

This is a continuation of an article in the 2000/3 MM, in which the survivors of the Age of Sail in the Caribbean Sea are listed. Read More

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Maritime Pilotage Acts of the Nineteenth Century

By Tri Tran

The 1808 Act on Maritime Pilotage led to the creation of many pilotage companies in England, licenced by Trinity House, and brought the pilotage system under its control in the Thames and 40 English seaports. Little has been published on this activity, which was fundamental to commerce. The Act aimed to ensure that pilots were […] Read More

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The West Indian Sailing Canoe

By Michael F. Doran

Spritsail rigged carvel-built open boats called yoles raced for sport in Martinique preserve a design perhaps thousands of years old, a direct copy – built from frames and planks –of the indigenous island dugout canoes of the Carib Indians. Carib tradition is that such spritsail rigged dugouts were part of their pre-Columbian culture. Their speed […] Read More

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Brixham Sailing Trawlers: the Last Years of a Working Fleet

By P. A. B. Thomson

Sailing trawlers were already being replaced by steam powered trawlers during the first decade of the twentieth century but the main turning point for the Brixham sailing trawlers came with WW1 and its aftermath.  Several were sunk by enemy action and many of those laid up for the duration never sailed again.  Sailing trawlers were […] Read More

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