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Rowing the Trireme: A Practical Experiment in Seamanship

By A. F. Tilley

The traditional view of a trireme has been that it had triple-banked oars on each side, with six oarsmen in cross section, three on each side. This article challenges that assumption as a misinterpretation of the available evidence and contends that a trireme had three oarsmen in cross-section. The suggested arrangement is a central, lower, […] Read More

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The Survival of Ancient Mediterranean Boat Designs

By A. F. Tilley

The sea-going Phoenicians colonised the Mediterranean and Portuguese shores.  From ancient carvings of their boats, it is perhaps possible to recognise modern survivors of those designs. Common characteristics, irrespective of size, are double-ended carvel-built hulls, with conspicuous bow and stern, tilt or turtle canopies, and similar oarage.  Examination of construction, related myths and linguistic characteristics […] Read More

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