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Sir Thomas Slade 1703/4-1771

By A.G.E. Jones

Thomas Slade made his name as a builder and designer of naval ships, initially supervising work at Harwich in the 1740’s, then as Master Shipwright at Deptford in the early 1750’s and later as one of the Navy Surveyors. He had a long career of both supervising the building of naval ships and designed them […] Read More

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Shipbuilding in Ipswich, 1750-1800

By A.G.E. Jones

The author gives remarkable, detailed and accurate information about the shipbuilders to Ipswich in the period object of this paper, including a short biography of every one of them and without forgetting the type, name and tonnage of every unit built by them, together with a reference to the purchaser.  He evidences too, the periods […] Read More

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Lieutenant T.E.L. Moore RN and the Voyage of the Pagoda 1845

By A.G.E. Jones

A study of a voyage intended to fill in gaps of observations in the Southern Hemisphere south of Lat 60°S in the Indian Ocean. In the first instance of such a service being carried out by a single ship, the 360-ton barque Pagoda sailed from the Cape of Good Hope under Lt Thomas Moore, the […] Read More

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Captain Peter Kemp and Kemp Land

By A.G.E. Jones

British sealer Peter Kemp was commissioned by Daniel Bennett & Sons to engage in a voyage of discovery on the Magnet on 12 July 1833. Influenced by John Biscoe’s recent voyage, A. G. E. Jones shows that Kemp was clearly influenced by Biscoe’s journey. Kemp is portrayed as a more than able master as his […] Read More

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Edward Bransfield, Master R.N.

By A.G.E. Jones

Born in Cork, circa 1783 Bransfield was pressed in 1803. Steadily promoted he spent the Napoleonic War on various blockade and convoy duties, but no major actions. This was rectified when as Master of the Severn under Captain Aylmer he took part in the attack on Algiers in 1816. Proposing a new method of observing […] Read More

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John Biscoe (1794-1843)

By A.G.E. Jones

This biographical account of John Biscoe describes the life of the British explorer from birth until his early death at the age of forty-nine. The article discusses the vessels that he sailed in, his reputation, and the results of his success in the exploration to the Southern Ocean where he discovered Enderby Land, amongst other […] Read More

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Shipbuilding in Ipswich 1700-1750

By A.G.E. Jones

Ipswich was a town which experienced great changes in the fortunes of shipbuilding between circa 1700 and 1750. The town was dependent on the Newcastle coal trade and the patronage of the Navy Board. After a busy period up to 1673, decay set in quickly. In 1710 the fortunes of Ipswich improved when a recovery […] Read More

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Frederick John Hornby

By A.G.E. Jones

Frederick John Hornby was born on 1 July 1819 and entered the Royal Navy on 30 January 1834. He was appointed midshipman, 7 July 1837. Hornby served on the Dee, Wolf, Conway, Pelorus, Belle Isle, Vindictive, Magnificent, Imaum, Formidable and Queen seeing service on the East India Station, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and New […] Read More

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The Whaling Trade of Ipswich 1786-1793

By A.G.E. Jones

The article traces the declining fortunes of the Greenland fishery, focusing on the first efforts of Yarmouth to re-enter the industry in 1754 and then the establishment of a small fleet and the necessary processing plant in 1786.   The success of the first year lead to a repeat visit to Greenland in 1788. The poor […] Read More

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