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Galleon into Ship of the Line Part II

By A.H. Taylor

This is the second of three MM articles in which the author traces the development of English sea battle tactics between 1588 and 1677. Three battles of the Second Dutch War are described in detail – Lowestoft, the Four Days Battle and the St James’s Day Fight. At Lowestoft, the plans were not followed and […] Read More

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The Battle of Trafalgar

By A.H. Taylor

The Battle of Trafalgar stands as a glorious example of the noble art of leading men in war. Lord Nelson had rightly assessed the destructive power of his own ships and their ability to stand punishment without losing heart, and he knew the qualities, both good and bad, of his opponents. ‘Partial firing continued until […] Read More

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William Bligh at Camperdown

By A.H. Taylor

  The author reviews the accounts of the battle, finding those in English less comprehensive than two in Dutch. He covers the prelude to the battle, from when the fleets put to sea until, following confusion on both sides and especially arising from Admiral Duncan’s signals, battle was joined. The complex course of the action […] Read More

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