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The Origin and Development of the Triangular Sail and the Gaff Sail in Seventeenth Century Holland

By A.W. Sleeswyk

The article traces the earliest representations of boomed and boomless leg of mutton sails in Holland to the start of the seventeenth century. The author postulates that the sail type derived from knowledge of Peruvian balsa rafts brought back by explorers, rather than being developed from the lateen sail which had been in use for […] Read More

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Note: The Carrack of Hans Memling

By A.W. Sleeswyk

The transportation of horses portrayed by Memling reveals an accurate observation of the carrack, even if the means of hoisting the horses is inept. Read More

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Note: The Ship of the Nijmegen Antependium

By A.W. Sleeswyk

The antependium embroidered for the chapel of St Olav in 1494 depicts a ship in great detail, and provides information about a type of ship design typical of the period. Read More

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