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Maintaining the Trust: the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 1858-1972

By Adrian Jarvis

Considers the Board’s policies on the use of trading surpluses, which emanated from the Board seeing themselves as trustees with a duty to pass to their successors a port in a better state than they received it. Includes the Board’s actions and attitudes to local developments and Acts of Parliament. Covers opposition to paying Poor […] Read More

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Daggers Drawn: Relations between the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board and Outside Bodies from Central Government Downwards c.1850-1972

By Adrian Jarvis

Details the rise and fall in fortunes of MD&HB from its inception to decline. Despite being the first civilian port authority to install both radar and a computer, as well as anticipating the forthcoming container revolution, (while turning down plans for expansion that would undoubtedly have caused an earlier decline), the organisation would encounter total […] Read More

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G.F. Lyster and the Role of the Dock Engineer 1861-1897

By Adrian Jarvis

The author offers a critique of Lyster’s efforts, highlighting a change to the early promise of the expansion of Liverpool docks through discussing access/depth problems, cost over runs, silting and ultimately his inadvertent promotion of the merits of the Manchester Ship canal. Whilst providing balance in describing some of the benefits yielded by his approach, […] Read More

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