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Note: A Yangtsze Diversion, 1937

By Alan Reid

The background to the Sino-Japanese Incident of 1937 is established, and a personal account given. Read More

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The Smoke Ship

By Alan Reid

A study based on an unusual vessel, the Jardine, built as a schooner in Aberdeen in 1834 for Jardine Matheson to carry passengers between Canton and Macao. She was fitted with steam engines to drive two paddle wheels, but initially remained a sailing vessel. When she began steam operations, the Canton authorities became alarmed by […] Read More

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Broughton’s Schooner

By Alan Reid

William Broughton purchased a schooner of about 100 tons in Macao in 1796 to assist with his explorations in the Japanese Islands. Over many years various articles have been published suggesting this to be the schooner built by Morrison, a Bounty mutineer, to sail back to civilisation. However there are many discrepancies in the descriptions […] Read More

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