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Book Review-‘Mr Midshipman VC: The short accident-prone life of George Drewry, Gallipoli hero’ by Q. Falk

By Alastair Wilson

I must be getting old. It took two days for the penny to drop, before I ‘twigged’ the derivation of the title, connecting it to Marryat’s immortal midshipman. This is not an academic biography. Rather it is more like one of those boy’s books, by G.A. Henty or Percy F. Westerman, which encouraged all right-minded […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Exploring the Britannic: The life, last voyage and wreck of ‘Titanic’’s tragic twin’ by S. Mills

By Alastair Wilson

The Royal Mail Steamer Britannic was laid down in 1911 in Harland & Wolff’s Belfast ship yard where her near sisters Olympic and Titanic had been built. She was intended to have been the third of the White Star Line’s trio of luxury liners which were necessary to maintain a weekly service on the North […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Securing the Narrow Sea: The Dover Patrol 1914–1918’ by S. R. Dunn

By Alastair Wilson

Older readers may remember a board game called ‘Dover Patrol’ which they played with their friends on the playroom floor in days long past. Each side had a base to protect and a ‘fleet’ to attack the enemy or to defend one’s own ‘waters’. The different units of your ‘fleet’, represented by pieces of pasteboard […] Read More

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