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A Model of HMS Vindictive as Fitted for the Zeebrugge Raid, 1918

By Alistair Roach

HMS Vindictive’s role in the Zeebrugge raid on St George’s day 1918 is well known to First World War naval historians but details of her conversion for the event are difficult to ascertain. The work carried out at Chatham dockyard prior to the raid was shrouded in secrecy with very few details being recorded at […] Read More

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Miniature Ships in Designed Landscapes

By Alistair Roach

Miniature sailing ships were seen on lakes in a number of English parks and gardens during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and were often used for mock naval battles (naumachia), but were also sailed purely for pleasure, or perhaps to provide a focal point within the estate. Between 1689 and 1815 Britain was involved in […] Read More

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The Ashmolean Ship Model

By Alistair Roach

The Ashmolean Museum houses the oldest English ship model in existence, although its provenance and raison d’être has never been fully established. Details of the model, and restoration work carried out, are given as well as opinions on its provenance. Photographs are also provided showing the condition before and after restoration. The paper seeks to […] Read More

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