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Book Review:- ‘The British Navy in Eastern Waters: The Indian and Pacific Oceans’ by J. D. Grainger

By Andrew Lambert

This ambitious overview of British naval activity ‘East of Suez’ since 1600 integrates a wide range of existing research, providing a base line for future studies. Grainger emphasizes the failure of existing British and Indian focused research to address the complex development of British regional power from maritime, economic, terrestrial and political perspectives. At sea […] Read More

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Review: ‘ Military Power and the Dutch Republic: War, trade, and the balance of power in Europe, 1648–1813 Military History of the Netherlands, vol. 2,’ by M. van Alphen, A. Lemmers, J. Hoffenaar and C. van der Spek. Leiden

By Andrew Lambert

This important book follows the first volume of the series, The Eighty Years War: From revolt to regular war, 1568–1648 of 2019, reviewed here in 2021. Written at the Netherlands Institute for Military History, it has been expertly translated by Paul Arblaster and Lee Preedy. The editorial board’s decision to shift the focus of the […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘John Lenthall: The life of a naval constructor’ by S. C. Kinnaman

By Andrew Lambert

This generously scaled and thoroughly researched text by a fellow naval architect examines the life and career of John Lenthall 1807–82, a naval architect, chief constructor and latterly director of the United States Navy’s Bureau of Construction and Repair. Born in Washington DC to English immigrant parents, Lenthall’s architect father was killed a year later, […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘Englishmen at Sea: Labour and the nation at the dawn of empire, 1570–1630’ by E. Hubbard,

By Andrew Lambert

This book poses some important questions: how the English became a seafaring nation, expanding the cultural, commercial, and strategic parameters of ‘Englishness’, and what that meant for the Englishmen who took up ocean going work on ships of trade, piracy, and war. Beyond the statistics of voyages, men employed, trade and ships lost or plundered […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘The English and French Navies, 1500–1650’ by B. W. D. Redding

By Andrew Lambert

This important and original comparative study re-assesses the interconnected fortunes of the English and French navies across a critical period, developing the important debates of the past half century, including Jan Glete’s arguments about the intimate connection between navies and state formation, the ‘fiscal-military state’, Michael Roberts’s and Geoffrey Parker’s versions of the ‘Military Revolution’ […] Read More

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Review:- ‘French Warships in the Age of Steam 1859–1914: Design, construction and fates’ by S. S. Roberts,

By Andrew Lambert

This outstanding book completes a trilogy, with the first two volumes of French Warships in the Age of Sail covering the periods 1626 to 1786 and 1786 to 1861 written jointly between Roberts and Rif Winfield. Anyone who has worked of the French navy in the age of steam and iron will be familiar with […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Science, Utility and British Naval Technology 1793-1815: Samuel Bentham and the royal dockyards’ by R. Morriss,

By Andrew Lambert

This essential book follows Roger Morriss’s Science, Utility and Maritime Power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779–1791 of 2015, also reviewed in this journal, and his pioneering study The Royal Dockyards during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars of 1983. It should be read in the context of major work on the physical development of the dockyards […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Company Fortress: Military engineering and the Dutch East India Company in South Asia, 1638–1795, by E. Odegard

By Andrew Lambert

Dutch rule in Asia in the era of the Dutch East India Company (VoC) was sustained by fortified ports and strategic locations, supported with small armies moved by sea to enhance the defences. The failure of any one element in this strategy would bring down the rest. The VoC was a major economic and political […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Eighty Years War: From revolt to regular war, 1568–1648’ by P. Groen (lead ed.), O. van Nimwegen, R. Prud’homme van Reine, L. Sicking and A. van Vliet

By Andrew Lambert

This outstanding contribution integrates scholarship across many fields to address an obvious question: how did the Dutch rebels create the most dynamic state in western Europe while waging a war of independence against the Spanish empire, the military colossus of the age, and what role did war play in that process? It launches a six-volume […] Read More

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Book Review-‘ Sovereign of the Seas 1637: A reconstruction of the most powerful warship of its day’ by J. McKay

By Andrew Lambert

This elegant book anatomizes a famous ship, combining original scholarship and expert draughting to provide unprecedented access to the structure, art and power of a Stuart icon that established a new standard type. King Charles I ordered the Sovereign of the Seas in 1634 to transcend existing prestige warships, including those of his uncle, King […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Two Battles of Copenhagen 1801 and 1807 :Britain and Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars’ by G. Glover

By Andrew Lambert

The British attacks on Copenhagen have often been confused, or conflated. In reality, they occurred in two separate conflicts, were conducted in strikingly different ways, and had very different outcomes. Gareth Glover sets the battles in context, using a wide range of British and Danish secondary sources, and some British archival material. Key texts by […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Planning and Profits: British naval armaments manufacture and the military–industrialcomplex, 1918–1941’ by C. W. Miller

By Andrew Lambert

The evolution of British warship building infrastructure between the two World Wars has long been a significant historiographical issue, attracting attention in Churchill’s war memoirs, official histories, academic monographs, broader surveys of British strategic capacity, industrial performance, and specific aspects of warship construction. Christopher Miller’s contribution, developed from a PhD written in the Glasgow University […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Boundaries and Beyond: China’s maritime southeast in late imperial times’ by N. Chin-keong

By Andrew Lambert

The maritime history of China has become a contested space, where official Chinese propaganda and sensational Western texts compete to rewrite reality. The antidote to such trifles can be found in this nuanced, sophisticated collection of scholarly essays, stretching across a long and distinguished career, re-examining Imperial China’s relationship with the sea and seaborne trade. […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Admirals of the Fleet and Admirals: Volume 1 ofa biographical dictionary of the twentieth century Royal Navy’ by Alastair Wilso

By Andrew Lambert

In this essential work of reference Alistair Wilson has provided students of the twentieth-century Royal Navy with a systematic and thorough guide to the careers of 336 full admirals and admirals of the fleet of the twentieth century. This is the first instalment of a five-volume work projected to stretch down to lieutenant commanders and […] Read More

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Writing the Battle: Jutland in Sir Julian Corbett’s Naval Operations

By Andrew Lambert

This article examines the origins, development and purpose of Sir Julian Corbett’s account of the controversial battle of Jutland. Naval Operations is seen as an extended analysis of how British strategy was intended to work and why it had failed on this occasion. The argument was carefully constructed to explain the failure without challenging the […] Read More

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Captain Sir William Symonds and the Ship of the Line: 1832–1847

By Andrew Lambert

Symonds built a series of smaller warships with exceptional sailing qualities, highly appreciated by yachtsmen whose patronage ensured his appointment as Surveyor of the Navy in 1832, a time of administrative upheaval at the Admiralty; consequently he enjoyed greater freedom and influence than his predecessors. When other navies were making design changes to accommodate larger […] Read More

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