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Obituary: Ann Giffard

By Ann Savours

Ann Giffard, who died in August 2008, was the second wife of Dr Basil Greenhill, former director of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (1967–83). Between 1967 and 1984, Ann co-authored a number of Basil’s books, including Women under Sail; Travelling by Sea in the Nineteenth Century; West Countrymen in Prince Edward’s Isle; The British Assault […] Read More

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Note: The Parliamentary Award of 1772 to Dr Charles Irving for Salt Water Distillation at Sea

By Ann Savours

In 1762 Samuel Wallis succesfully used water distillation to provide fresh water at sea, a system used by Bougainville for his later circumnavigation. Demonstrated by Lind in 1762, the junior surgeon Dr Charles Irving gained the credit and the financial reward for the process. Read More

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The Younger Cleveley and the Arctic 1773–4

By Ann Savours

This article disproves a popular misconception that the marine artist John Cleveley junior (1747 – 86) visited the Arctic with the British naval voyage of exploration led by Captain C.J.Phipps, in 1773. The misconception arose from the existence of watercolours signed by Cleveley that depicted events of the voyage; but it now transpires that these […] Read More

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