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The Royal Navy and Canadian Dominion

By Barry M. Gough

A survey covering four centuries of the Royal Navy’s role in the founding of Canada and the dominion’s vital place in British strategy after the loss of America. James Cook mapped Newfoundland, Edward Owen and Henry Bayfield surveyed the Great Lakes, and John Franklin Parry charted the vast western coast. Through the 19th century Canada […] Read More

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Specie Conveyance from the West Coast of Mexico in British Warships c. 1820- 1870: An Aspect of the Pax Britannica

By Barry M. Gough

In the early 19th century, Mexico produced approximately half of the world’s silver. Along with gold and jewels, this was used to pay for British trade goods. The problem was how to get these safely to Britain. The Royal Navy became in effect unofficial carriers of this valuable cargo. According to an order in council […] Read More

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