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Book Review-‘Victory Without Peace: The United States Navy in European waters, 1919–1924’ by W. Still

By Benjamin Arnstrong USN

Admiral William Sims’ Pulitzer Prize winning memoir and history of the First World War was entitled Victory at Sea and set a high bar for the books on the naval conflict that would follow over the next century. Victory Without Peace: The United States Navy in European waters, 1919–1924, the third book in a series […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Knickerbocker Commodore: The life and times of John Drake Sloat, 1781–1867’ by B. A. Castleman

By Benjamin Arnstrong USN

Biographies of American naval officers in the age of sail have tended to focus on the captains and heroes of the US Navy’s early conflicts. The multiple volumes on Stephen Decatur and his actions in the Barbary campaign through the War of 1812, and his final demise in a duel with a fellow captain, are […] Read More

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