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Book Review – ‘French Warships in the Age of Sail 1626–1786: Design, construction, careers and fates’ by Benjamin W. D. Redding

By Benjamin W. D. Redding

In this new study on French warships, that covers the period from the appointment of Gaspard de Coligny, Cardinal de Richelieu to the post of grande maître de la navigation in 1626 to the revolutionary era, Rif Winfield and Stephen S. Roberts provide a detailed and desirable study of French naval strength. The book is the second […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘The Sea in History: The early modern world’ by Benjamin W. D. Redding

By Benjamin W. D. Redding

In many regards, Océanides, from which this text is a product, is a leading programme that ensures that maritime history has a prominent role in the popular discipline of spatial studies. Its main objective, developed in 2010, has anthropological under-pinnings by seeking to determine the sea’s role in the ‘diversification and development of populations’. This […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Navires et construction navale au Moyen Âge’ by E. Rieth

By Benjamin W. D. Redding

Maritime archaeology has increased in popularity in recent years within both the public and academic spheres. Inspiring museums have been constructed to honour single shipwrecks such as those in Portsmouth and Stockholm. Meanwhile, university courses at Southampton and Exeter, to name just a few on the topic, indicate the value of the field. With this […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Political Economies of Empire in the Early Modern Mediterranean: The decline of Venice and the rise of England 1450–1700’ by Benjamin W. D. Redding

By Benjamin W. D. Redding

England’s emergence as a global maritime power, and the decline of the Venetian Republic, has long been discussed as a single concurrent process. In her latest book Maria Fusaro provides the reader with an innovative and detailed understanding of English activities and general livelihood in the Venetian empire while this transfer of power was taking […] Read More

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A Ship ‘For Which Great Neptune Raves’: The Sovereign of the Seas, la Couronne and seventeenth-century international competition over warship design

By Benjamin W. D. Redding

Charles I’s great warship the Sovereign of the Seas is famed for its design, decoration and importance as a tool that heightened the image of English naval supremacy. By exploring its career, size, name and decoration, this article highlights the Sovereign of the Seas’ significance as a national symbol of political and cultural power. It argues that Charles’s […] Read More

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