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Peter the Great on the Thames

By Bernard Pool

The visit to England of Peter the Great of Moscow and the activities he pursued are described along with the interesting efforts of William III to furnish him with all the knowledge he desired in the way of shipbuilding and navigation, having free access to Deptford and the Royal Yard.  While pursuing an agenda of […] Read More

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Navy Contracts after 1832

By Bernard Pool

In June 1832, a Bill was passed abolishing the Navy Board, and with it the Victualling Board. Instead a single Board was established which held five departments ‘for the management of the whole naval affairs of the country.’ This article uncovers a flaw in this design: that a sixth department was not developed to deal […] Read More

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Navy Contracts in the Last Years of the Navy Board (1780-1832)

By Bernard Pool

It is a fact that, despite her successes during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the Royal Navy was the subject of much vilification with regard to the corruption in the dockyards and the methods by which contracts were let with naval suppliers. This article sets out the various attempts by the British government and […] Read More

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Some Notes on Warship Building by Contract in the Eighteenth Century

By Bernard Pool

When the war of Spanish Succession began in 1701 the Royal Navy was well supplied with ships in reserve built after the last peace with France in 1697. At the start of the war of Austrian Succession in 1739 there had been no new construction and the existing fleet was decaying. Thus began a period […] Read More

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