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War and Trade in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, 1600-1650

By C. R. Boxer

The expansion of trade and European enterprises overseas during the seventeenth century gave the Eastern Seas trade a huge importance which became indissolubly connected with armed warfare. The aim of this paper is to examine the interaction and balance between war and trade in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea from 1600 to […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 1962: The Dutch East-Indiamen: their Sailors, their Navigators, and Life on Board, 1602–1795

By C. R. Boxer

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Dutch led the world in trade with the East-Indies. The Dutch East-India Company (VOC) was divided into six chambers, Amsterdam, Middleburg, Rotterdam, Delft, Hoorn and Enkhuizen, with a central board, the Heeren XVII, or ‘Gentlemen Seventeen’. Its main trading vessels, retour-schepen or ‘return-ships’, were used for the long […] Read More

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M. H. Tromp, 1598–1653

By C. R. Boxer

Aims to bring the key details of various Dutch works, especially the work of F Graefe and M G de Boer, on Admiral (Van) (der) Tromp (or Trump) into the English language. The article concentrates on personal details, starting with his apprenticeship at sea under his father, which ended when English pirates killed his father. […] Read More

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Blake and the Brazil Fleets in 1650

By C. R. Boxer

In 1650 the Portuguese government instituted a compulsory convoy system to protect its Brazil trade from the depredations of Dutch West India company warships and privateers.  Meanwhile King John IV of Portugal had a difficult relationship with the English Commonwealth naval forces under General-at-Sea Blake, who with a potent squadron was blockading Prince Rupert’s royalist squadron in the Tagus.  This […] Read More

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Some Early Portuguese Bills of Lading 1625-1708

By C. R. Boxer

By researching bills of lading held in the Portuguese Archives, Boxer sheds light on Portugal’s early commercial activities. Very few of these documents survive but, being printed forms, this suggests that many thousands were produced. A 1625 bill deals with goods from Goa, whilst the other two originate in Brazil. The first dated 1664 and […] Read More

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The Third Dutch War in the East (1672–4)

By C. R. Boxer

Boxer provides details of the little known encounters that took place in the Far East following France and England declaring war on the Dutch in April 1672. The French had sent a powerful force to the Indies in 1670, with the longer-term intention of displacing the Dutch as the major trading nation in the region. […] Read More

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