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Note: Symposium on Health Problems in the Mercantile Marine, Historical Perspectives

By C.D. Lee

The various health problems featured at this event ranged from scurvy, accidents, alcoholism to venereal disease Read More

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Note: The Ottomans and the Sea

By C.D. Lee

The Conference held in Cambridge in 1996 developed the idea that the Ottoman Empire had traditionally had a maritime dimension. Read More

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The Battle of Beachy Head: Lord Torrington’s Conduct

By C.D. Lee

Lord Torrington was sent to a court martial after the Battle of Beach Head on 30th June 1690, the government held him responsible for the virtual annihilation of the Dutch squadron of the Combined Fleet. Torrington was charged with failure to fight and engage. In spite of his acquittal, King William revoked Torrington’s commission. Read More

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Note: England’s Naval Trauma 1066

By C.D. Lee

This questions whether Harold Godwine, the newly crowned king, was the victim of the weather as much as of William the Bastard. Read More

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Note: Lord Torrington’s Trial

By C.D. Lee

The complicated background to the court martial which exonerated Lord Torrington from the charges against him in 1690. Read More

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