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Book Review – ‘Elizabeth’s Sea Dogs: How the English became the scourge of the seas’ by Hugh Bicheno

By Cheryl Fury

In many ways the popular opinions about Queen Elizabeth I’s leading maritime commanders have not changed in many decades. Men like Sir Francis Drake and his ilk are credited with the successful naval defence of England. When they sailed as privateers, their unscrupulous plundering of the mighty Spanish empire is seen as patriotic. Despite some […] Read More

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Note: ‘To Sett Downe All the Villainie’: accounts of the sodomy trial on the fourth East India Company Voyage (1609)

By Cheryl Fury

A reconciliation of the accounts of this most unusual trial for sodomy on board a merchant ship, which reveals a great deal about shipboard life in the early seventeenth century. Read More

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Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Merchant Marines