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The Clydeside Cabal: The influence of Lord Weir, Sir James Lithgow, and Sir Andrew Rae Duncan on naval and defence policy, around 1918–1940

By Christopher W. Miller

Lord Weir, Sir James Lithgow and Sir Andrew Rae Duncan were three close friends who grew up within a few miles of each other in Victorian Glasgow, and who went on to have uncommonly successful careers in engineering, shipbuilding, steel and finance. Despite occupying only footnotes in political histories, Weir, Lithgow and Duncan also were […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Warships After London: The end of the treaty era in the five major fleets, 1930–1936’ by J. Jordan

By Christopher W. Miller

Warships After London, John Jordan’s follow-up to 2011’s excellent Warships After Washington, aims to continue the story of naval fleet developments into the 1930s, and more specifically to cover the crucial years of the London Treaty of April 1930. This book, perhaps even more so than its predecessor, captures a period of rapid technological change. […] Read More

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