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Book Review – ‘We Die Like Brothers: The sinking of the SS ‘Mendi’’ by Clifford J. Pereira

By Clifford J. Pereira

The SS Mendi sank off the Isle of Wight in 1917, with the loss of over 600 South African passengers. The book underlines one of a number of instances where the courage and determination of men from the empire lost their lives through a mixture of incompetency and accident. However, it is the aspirations for […] Read More

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Book Review: ‘Squadron: Ending the African slave trade’ by Clifford J. Pereira

By Clifford J. Pereira

It is refreshing to read an abolitionary narrative that is not focused on the Atlantic, but instead on the much older and longer-lasting Indian Ocean trade in enslaved Africans. Author John Broich takes an interesting though challenging angle, preferring to anchor the narrative around four personalities: Leopold Heath, George Sulivan, Edward Meara and Philip Colomb. […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Georges Baudoux’s Jean M’Baraï : The Trepang fisherman’ translated by K. Speedy

By Clifford J. Pereira

Karin Speedy has built on her previous academic works and experience in translating to bring Francophone Pacific literature to an English-speaking audience. In the introduction, Speedy makes the point that the Pacific had its own lingua franca prior to the arrival of Europeans, and suggests that the engagement of Malayo-Polynesian speakers by the so-called early […] Read More

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