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Cutting Out the Caroline

By Conrad Dixon

The cutting out of the paddle steamer Caroline became a focus of international news in 1837 when an abortive revolt was made against British colonial rule by the French Canadian ‘Patriotes’.  The uprising culminated in the Caroline being boarded by the navy and cast off into the Niagara River where she eventually foundered.  As a […] Read More

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To Walk the Quarterdeck: the Naval Career of David Ewen Bartholomew

By Conrad Dixon

David Ewen Bartholomew had a remarkable career, being one of a handful of individuals who rose from pressed man to post captain in the Royal Navy.  He had the ill-fortune to be pressed twice, once as a merchant seaman in 1795 and once as a naval officer temporarily out of employment when he distinguished himself as […] Read More

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Note: Seamen’s Sixpences

By Conrad Dixon

An exposition of the fact that although all seamen contributed to the fund, only the naval seamen benefited. Read More

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By Conrad Dixon

The nature of contracts signed by seamen from 1729 to the 1979 Merchant Shipping Act are reviewed and while they may differ significantly, the obligations stemming from the Laws of Oleron, the apprehensions of West Indian planters, City of London merchants and stern Victorian paternalism still linger on. Read More

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The Exeter Whale Fishery Company, 1754-1787

By Conrad Dixon

In 1732 the Government introduced a subsidy to break the Dutch near monopoly of Arctic whaling. In 1749 this bounty was raised to 40s a ton, causing great interest. In 1754 a group of Exeter merchants founded this company; bought and fitted out a ship, which made the first voyage to Greenland in 1755. The […] Read More

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The Hard Life and Times of Henry Moffat, Seaman

By Conrad Dixon

In 1910, Henry Moffat published his memoirs, From Ship’s Boy to Skipper – With Variations. This article presents the highlights from that account of Moffat’s tough life at sea and his later success. Moffat was only 12 ½ years old when lying about his age, he signed on in 1856 with the Royal Navy as […] Read More

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