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Book Review-‘Black Swan Class Sloops: Detailed in the original builder’s plans’ by L. Brown

By David Andrews

This is a beautifully produced book, the sixth in the series by Seaforth Publishing of significant warships of the first half of the last century. All the earlier books by different authors could be said to be of major warships (from the famous HMS Warspite, of Jutland and Second World War fame, to the German […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Vickers’ Master Shipbuilder Sir Leonard Redshaw’ by Leslie M. Shaw

By David Andrews

This is a very handsomely produced and comprehensive biography of one of the great and last British shipbuilders, Sir (Len) Leonard Redshaw. A truly outstanding Barrovian, he was devoted to his industry and the Barrow Shipbuilding Works in particular. His life at Barrow encompassed the pre-war build up, the postwar success of Barrow shipbuilding, (where […] Read More

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