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Book Review – ‘North Devon Barges’ by David Jenkins

By David Jenkins

Appledore in north Devon is surely one of the most fascinating places on our coasts. Its name is a corruption of the Brythonic/Welsh Aber-dwr, meaning ‘water’s mouth’, a perfect description of its setting on a hill overlooking the estuary of Henry Williamson’s ‘Two Rivers’, Taw and Torridge. A centre of shipbuilding since Tudor times at least, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘A Sailor’s Life: The life and times of John Short of Watchet, 1839−1933’ by T. Brown

By David Jenkins

This is a fascinating account of the (remarkably long) life of the Watchet-born seafarer John Short, also known by his nickname of ‘Yankee Jack’. In many ways, there was nothing particularly unusual about his life, in that it followed a pattern of going to sea followed by thousands of young men born and brought up […] Read More

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‘Book Review – ‘The Maritime History of Cornwall’ by David Jenkins

By David Jenkins

There are some books which are a delight to hold, and to behold, even before one delves into their pages – and this is one of them. A pleasingly chunky volume, the front of the dust jacket features Joseph Southall’s The Three Masted Schooner, his limpid and evocative 1919 marine landscape of a sailing vessel at […] Read More

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