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Book Review – ‘Preparing for Blockade, 1885–1914: Naval contingency for economic warfare’ by Stephen Cobb

By David Morgan-Owen

The origins and implementation of the British Admiralty’s plans to wage ‘economic warfare’ against Germany in the early twentieth century have become a fashionable topic for historians since the publication of Avner Offer’s highly influential The First World War: An agrarian interpretation in 1989. This book, based on the author’s 2011 PhD thesis, addresses a hitherto […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Crisis in the Mediterranean: Naval competition and Great Power politics, 1904−1914’ by J. J. Hendrickson

By David Morgan-Owen

All too often naval historians of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries have been guilty of focusing upon developments in Europe’s northern waters. In many ways this is an understandable trend; the temptation to focus upon the Anglo-German naval arms race, which has become emblematic of the growing tensions between Britain and Germany in the […] Read More

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