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Book Review-‘ The Modern Cruiser: The evolution of the ships that fought the Second World War’ by R. C. Stern,

By Derek G. Law

he first and very positive thing one notices about this book is the sheer quality of the production. Sumptuous is perhaps too strong a description, but there is a good strong dust jacket which will not fray or tear with shelf wear; the pages are of strong durable near- photographic- quality paper, and the images […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Learning War: The evolution of fighting doctrine in the US Navy, 1898–1945’ by T. Hone

By Derek G. Law

Trent Hone is an established author with several published works on the development of the modern US Navy (USN). This new book brings fresh and original lateral thinking on how the USN faced the challenges of learning how to fight, particularly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The traditional view of how the USN […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Towards a Wider War: British strategic decision-making and military effectiveness in Scandinavia, 1939–40’ by J. Moretz

By Derek G. Law

Typically, the Phoney War of 1939–40 is covered in a few sentences, before histories get on to the more serious business of the German assault in the west in 1940. This book, however covers the period leading to war and the first nine months of that war in great detail in a substantial and very […] Read More

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