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Some Early Tidal Diagrams

By Derek Howse

The earliest surviving tidal diagram is in the Catalan World Atlas, dating from 1375 and was circular in form. The Hague Atlas of c1541-1547 contained a tidal calculator which enabled tides to be calculated for as many as 81 different locations. The pocket-sized Brouscon Almanac of 1546 used chartlets rather than lists or circular diagrams. […] Read More

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The Principal Scientific Instruments Taken on Captain Cook’s Voyages of Exploration, 1768-80

By Derek Howse

Cook’s voyages played a significant part in the history of science and were supported by initially the Royal Society and later by the Board of Longitude. Astronomers, naturalists and artists went on the expeditions to observe and record. Various scientific instruments were provided for all the voyages for observations in navigation, astronomy, surveying and map-making, […] Read More

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