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Note: Italian and German Submarine Passage of the Straits of Gibraltar in the Second World War

By Derek Nudd

Sixty-two German U-boats made the perilous passage into the Mediterranean during the Second World War, nine were sunk trying to pass the Straits of Gibraltar and another ten were forced to abandon the attempt. None of the successful boats ever left, either being destroyed by the Allies or scuttled by their crews. By contrast the […] Read More

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The Battle of Jutland, Through a Looking-glass

By Derek Nudd

The German High Seas Fleet’s sorties in strength after the battle of Jutland were few and inconclusive, but as a ‘fleet in being’ it remained a powerful threat. Britain’s Admiralty, alive to the tactical issues thrown up by Jutland’s titanic clash, was anxious to learn what had gone wrong. Luckily for the British, German veterans […] Read More

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