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A Statement of Hopes? The Effectiveness of US and British Naval War Plans Against Japan, 1920–1941

By Douglas Ford

This article reconsiders the traditional claim that the setbacks which the US and British naval forces faced during the opening stages of the war against Japan in 1941–2 were the result of poor strategic planning. It illustrates how, during the decades leading up to the outbreak of the Pacific War, naval staffs drew up a […] Read More

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U.S. Naval Intelligence and the Imperial Japanese Fleet during the Washington Treaty Era, c.1922-36

By Douglas Ford

Following the Washington naval arms limitation agreement of 1922 intelligence on the Imperial Japanese Navy became a top US priority. The limited intelligence sources available to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the range and assessment of information obtained are discussed. The ONI’s assessment is discussed in detail showing an overall underestimate of Japanese […] Read More

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